Financial Inclusion

One loan, one livelihood, one community at a time.
Avanti is building a digital spine to enable 100 Million
households to transform their own livelihoods and be
financially self-sufficient.

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Crowdsourced Products

Crowdsourced products

Credit products designed by the community to serve its needs



Repayment schedule aligned with people’s livelihood flow



No loan processing fees, no late fee, only interest


Decades of earnest development and billions in aid have yet to alleviate poverty. Avanti believes personal agency, strong community, and local knowledge fuelled by financial services is at the heart of the world shedding the yoke of poverty for good.

The vision is a platform where the neediest on the planet can instantly access the credit, capital and financial services they need to thrive at terms on par with those enjoyed by the first billion.


In five years, provide access to credit, capital to drive sustainable livelihood and community-owned local capacity such that 100 Million families are able to themselves transform their livelihoods.

The Avanti platform

Avanti is deploying a population scale technology platform that is agile, deeply flexible, embodying principles of touchless, presenceless, cashless. Technologies of crowdsourcing, social trust are made available in a hyperlocal interface which allows customisation of the financial products at the level of the partner, community all the way down to the user. This platform is open access and designed for thousands of financial organisations to take advantage to deliver on the same mission.

Open-access, flexible
digital platform

Avanti Platform is an open-access digital financial spine, flexible
enough for users and partners to create, curate and deploy the
financial products they need in a touchless, presenceless and
cashless interface with our users.


Zero paper


Local community experts guide you,
Loans approved rapidly


Once approved, disbursement is
instant, repayment is at user
convenience, both purely digital

Every loan is an impact story

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